Week Five of Learning Growth Marketing with CXL — Review

Another new week of this year & I am back with week 5 review. May be this is the first post of 2021. I am glad that found CXL mini-degree in 2020. It is am amazing experience so far. The whole perspective of Digital Marketing & Growth marketing is come front of my eyes. This year will be all about learning some more and executing what I have learned. Sharing the notes of my 5th week feels awesome as definitely a tough journey but it’s worth the efforts.

Keyword research and content gap analysis:

The keyword research is essentially being able to see what your keywords are for your product and service on your website and this could be done by:-

  • Take a look at your competitions.
  • Looking at your content and seeing what the search volume is, looking at the higher search volumes to prioritize the keywords for your product.

Some keyword research tools are: google Adwords keyword research, Moz keyword explorer, Ahrefs and Brightedge

Link Building:

It’s the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own.

  • Sites like CNN, Forbes, the large media outlets will have more value in backlinks.
  • .edu and .gov will also give higher authority.

On-Page SEO:

An on-page SEO refers to both the content and the HTML source code of a page that can be optimized. Ex: page title, meta description, URL, keyword optimization, header tags, means your H1, H2, H3, and the alt text.

So while learning I wrote some of the major key points to understand the concept better and Here are some of the key points that I noted:

  • Target keywords should be on the page title, the title should also contain the brand name.
  • Meta descriptions dosn;t directly affect the SEO but it can increase the click-through rate (CTR). As this makes people see the expectations that they have from the website so if the meta descriptions of a website are not good then people will not get the right expectations and they will not click on the link.
  • URL should contain the targeted keywords. This is also one of the major factors in SEO.
  • There could be only one H1 tag but there could be various H2 and H3 tags.
  • Image alt text should also contain keywords.
  • Local SEO is very effective for local and small businesses. As this can give an insane amount of local traffic to a local businessman which can be very profitable.

Intro to PPC:

Your page should convert better than your competitors and that would help lower the cost. The goals for PPC should be a high Click-through rate and a low cost per click and cost per lead.

Types of PPC campaigns:

  • Awareness campaigns
  • Lead gen campaigns

We are talking about the lower funnel who know to look for your company and your product, that’s able to find you in PPC and you can drive them directly to your landing page.

We can even divide the PPC campaign in:

  • Pre-awareness
  • Awareness
  • Trigger

Different PPC channels to invest in Google AdWords and bing. There’s also display, Facebook, and remarketing.

Take a look at the different channels and the opportunities for you to test their form, you’re messaging to your assets, your content and your call to action, your offers and see what performs best for you.

How to build PPC channels that convert?

Different strategies can be used for the top of the funnel. Here are some of the things that I highlighted:

  • Different strategies can be used for the top of the funnel.
  • Find a less aggressive way like ebooks, checklists, or things that will be less friction for a user to provide the information.
  • PPC traffic is significantly easier. You’re managing the ad buy and the ads so the performance can be tracked.
  • In the analytics see the in which ad they converted. What’s the interaction that they’re taking on the site, and what’s that trend, and tie that back to look alike traffic within FB and target that way.
  • If one can see the path analysis ten of what ad drove the net users can be seen, which will allow us to make strategic decisions on which page to continue to build up.
  • The landing page should be optimized for the PPC ad campaign, not doing that will increase the bounce rate.

Content Marketing:

Creating content is one of the best ways to put your name out in the industry.

If a visitor comes on the website, pay attention to the articles that they are clicking on. Not just how many pages but what type of articles they’re clicking on.

Track 2: Running Growth Experiments: Research and Testing

There are hundreds of blog posts saying: How to increase your conversion rate or 100 growth hacking techniques to try. Do not trust them. They are written by SEO people who are in search of traffic and not by optimizers.

An average AB test lasts for 4 weeks and the best practices blog is something that is done at the time of creating the website, the optimization starts after completing all the major best practices.

Don’t get into the trap of design trends. They don’t help in the conversion optimization. Badly following the market leaders won’t help as there can be hundreds of reasons why they succeeded and not just their cosmetics.

What does a good optimization process look like?

What does a good optimization process look like?

  • The process should tell where are the problems on our website? Doesn’t matter if it’s mobile or desktop or mobile or an app. Is there a problem with the checkout process or the product page? Where the problem lies should be identified.
  • Identify what is the problem.
  • Understand why this is or that a problem.
  • Turning known issues into test hypotheses.
  • Prioritizing tests and instant fixes.

This is First post of 2021, I am more then happy to learn with CXL. I promise myself to become consistent to my progress. & also I promise myself to increase my speed to complete the growth marketing mini degree as soon as I can. The only condition is I should understand everything they are teaching. In my subconscious I believe to be in the 1% club.

Thank You! See you in the next week!!





Digital Entrepreneur | CTO - Funnel HACKERS LLP | I help brands & businesses using growth marketing strategy | Digital Marketer

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Suman Chakraborty

Suman Chakraborty

Digital Entrepreneur | CTO - Funnel HACKERS LLP | I help brands & businesses using growth marketing strategy | Digital Marketer

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